Sep 19: Meijer at Sandvort; Indonesian Rijsttafel


As we had a day between trade show and trip home, we decided to go to the seaside at Sandvort, Netherlands. While it was a little too windy to truly enjoy, we had a good meal at Meijer, one of the many, many restaurants on the beach.

The Foodies each had a fillet steak with peppercorn/Baernaise sauces, while our friend had a club sandwich. All were good, without being outstanding, for €17.16 (US$20.25) per serve.


Since we arrived our friend has been craving Indonesian Rijsttafel (rice table). We found a nearby restaurant that specializes in them, and tonight was the only night we could get there.

It was a generous feast of a variety of Indonesian/Sumatran dishes served with rice. We started with beef satay with a sweet soy dressing and chicken sate in a peanut sauce. The other dishes were sea bass, chicken, beef curry and stir fried vegetable.

Our friend paid for the meal.

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