Sep 20: Airline Food; Bahn Mi


An early flight out of Amsterdam had two meals: an average “dinner” of an odd cabbage, sun dried tomato and olive salad, chicken teriyaki with rice and green beans and cheesecake.

The second meal had a salad that only one of us ate part of, along with a slice of bread with tomato and cheese, like a very poor idea of a pizza. This meal was accompanied by tiramisu.

The food on flights out of Amsterdam has not been great, and this flight was no change. Meals in flight are included in the air fare.


Well, actually a late lunch that ended up substituting for dinner. We did a little supermarket shopping and picked up some bahn mi on the way back, which was definitely the best meal of the day by a good measure.

The bahn mi is $8.75 per serve.

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