Sep 30: BBQ Chicken Breast, Heirloom Tomato on Fresh Baguette; Peruvian Meat Sauce in Baguette


The Foodies had an ‘adventure’ to Jon’s to buy some of the ingredients not easily sourced at regular supermarkets, but also because Jon’s have the best roast chicken and fresh baguettes.

  • The baguette is $2.79 and we each had ¼ or 70c per serve
  • Two heirloom tomatoes were $4.35 and we shared half of one, or 54c per serve
  • The BBQ chicken is $6.99 and we shared one breast or 88c per serve
  • Add 25c for mayo.

Three simple ingredients, but each one of high quality, can make an excellent meal for $2.37 per serve.


Since we still had baguette, and Peruvian meat sauce we made a “sloppy Joe” style sandwich in the baguette.

  • The baguette is $2.79 and we each had ¼ or 70c per serve
  • The meat sauce is $4.10 per serve
  • Add 25c for mayo.

Even broken down with the bread the Peruvian meat sauce is still intense so next time we need mango or cucumber in the sandwich to offset it. Still it was tasty for $5.05 per serve.

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