Nov 8: Ham & Salad Wrap; Lamb Loin Chops with Sweet Potato Halloumi Bake


Flat bread wraps are back in stock and our first was wrap spread with labné and covered with black forest ham and apple bacon slaw.

  • The wraps are $3.99 for six, or 67c per serve
  • The ham was $6.49 for five slices, or $1.30 per serve
  • Labné adds 20c per serve
  • A half serve of the salad is 82c each.

A pretty good wrap for $2.99 per serve.


Thursday night is traditionally our “steak” night, although it has evolved into “grilled meat night.” Tonight we chose lamb loin chops, as they’re still a bargain from Trader Joe’s thanks to a drought in New Zealand. We grew up with a lot more lamb than is typical for an American diet.

We served it with our variation on Nigella Lawson’s Double Potato Halloumi Bake by sticking with sweet potato as the starch. The bake makes six serves.

  • Lamb loin chops were $12.18 or $6.09 per serve
  • Halloumi was $4.32 or 72c per serve
  • The sweet potato/yam was $1.52 or 25c per serve
  • The jumbo red onion was $1.18 or 20c per serve
  • A bell pepper was 99c or 17c per serve.

The lamb loin chops were cooked to a perfect medium on our griddle as it was too windy to grill outside, and the sweet potato bake is a perfect windy night accompaniment. A good meal for $7.43 per serve.

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