Dec 29: Pies & Sausage Rolls; Chinese BBQ Pork with Garlic Broccoli


The Foodies had planned on lunch at Masaaki’s Geeveston, but they won’t be back until Jan 11! Fortunately there was a bakery up the street and we had a Curried Lamb pie, a Pepper Steak Pie, and two small sausage rolls, which were pretty good for Au$9.30 (US$6.51) per serve.


Near where we were shopping for tomorrow night’s celebration we found a Chinese BBQ place, that had duck in the window yesterday. Today no duck, but the BBQ Pork looked good, so we ordered that with garlic broccoli and rice.

Of course, as we came back to pick up our food, the duck came out of the kitchen! The BBQ Pork was really good, and we agreed that, if broccoli was normally this good, we would eat more of it.

Satisfying and tasty, with leftovers for Au$28.50 (US$19.95) per serve.

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