Dec 28: Pies & Sausage Rolls; Aussie Style Hamburger


Traveling down the East Coast of Tasmania we were in Bicheno for lunch. Again, a short search on Yelp for pies, found a really good (and busy) bakery.  Foodie Philip had a Scallop Pie – a first – while Foodie Greg indulged a passion for a Cornish Pasty. We both also had Sausage Rolls with tomato sauce, which is a lot less sweet than ketchup.

The Scalllop pie was a first for Foodie Philip. In a light curry sauce that did not overpower the generous serve of scallops, it was really tasty. Foodie Greg enjoyed his pasty, but the sausage rolls were just okay.

A satisfying meal for Au$14.5t (US$10.19) per serve. That Scallop pie was not cheap!


To complete the Aussie food theme, we found Burgers got Soul in Hobart and had a kicked up version of a traditional Australian style hamburge, with salad, beetroot, bacon and egg.

We took them back to our rental accommodation and enjoyed them in a grden setting there.  Really good burgers for Au$14.95 (US$10.46) per serve.

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