Dec 27: Fish & Chips; Scallop & Bacon Kebabs


Exploring the Tamar Valley area of Tasmania we turned to Yelp again and found excellent Fish and Chips in George Town, at the local fish processor.

We opted for the “gold” fish choice, which was flathead. The fish was perfectly battered and cooked, the fries well done and it was served with a simple side salad. We also chose some fried Tasmanian scallops, because they are fresh, and always served with the coral (roe) that is absent in the US, because it is perishable and has to be served fresh.

All up it was Au$16.90 (US$11.83) per serve, and well worth it.


Our evening meal found us in Scamander on Tasmania’s East Coast, where Foodie Philip spent many holidays as a child.

We ate at the Scamander Resort, which was really an up market pub. We both chose the Scallop & Bacon Kebabs (got to eat those scallops while we can).

The bacon and scallops were really well cooked, and not over done. Interestingly the side salad was dressed with salad cream (sweetened condensed milk with vinegar), which was a staple in the Hodgetts family until Mother passed. Foodie Philip started life in Tasmania, so that’s probably not a co-incidence.

We both enjoyed the fairly generous serve for Au$24.50 (US$17.15) per serve.

You can see the orange coral on the side of the scallops.

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