Jan 2: Kransky, Cheese & Bacon Sandwich; Lamb Sirloin


On the road to our next destination we stopped at a roadhouse and picked up some sandwiches. Foodie Philip found his Kransky, Cheese & Bacon to be pretty enjoyable, while Foodie Greg was less enamoured of his choice.

It was serviceable food for Au$7.20 (US$5.04) per serve.


We ate at the restaurant associated with Lake St Claire Lodge and both had the Lamb Sirloin with vegetables. Oddly, Foodie Greg’s meal came with different vegetables than Foodie Philip’s. Apparently Greg’s were the vegetables from the steak dish, but he preferred the broccolini to the glazed carrots and pea purée that was on the menu.

The lamb sirloin was excellent for Au$42.00 (US$29.40) per serve.  We also had a very excellent gin and tonic prepared by barman Michael from gin that we discovered was distilled using water from the lake! Talk about hyper Local!

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