Jan 3: Fish & Chips/Calamari; Rib Eye/Burger


On the road again we stopped to refuel car and occupants in Queenstown at Tracks cafe at the railway station. We decided to order Fish & Chips and Calamari & Chips and share the proteins.  We felt the Calamari was slightly better but both were good, and came with a generous serve of fries and salad for Au$18.00 (US$12.60) per serve.


After settling in to our temporary accommodation we headed in to Burnie ahead of ‘Cousins’ night as part of the Family reunion held this weekend.

We found a grill where Foodie Greg chose their beef burger, while Foodie Philip chose a rib eye steak. They were both good meals, as expected for Au$21.00 (US$14.70) per serve.

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