Mar 19: “Chinese”; Bacon and Black Bean Chili


As we were in Whole Foods for other shopping we decided to experiment with some prepared, but not hot, Chinese food. We had hoped they would have steamed pork buns, but the only steamed buns were vegetarian, so we added Shrimp Dumplings and steamed everything hot when we got home.

Not a bad take out meal for $6.39 with tax.


As the weather warms we’re moving out of Chili season, but tonight we revisited our Bacon and Black Bean┬áChili recipe. We will get six serves, although we’re going to freeze them for later use.

  • The ground beef was $10.34 or $1.73 per serve
  • The beans are $1.00 per can and we used two, or 33c per serve
  • Canned tomatoes were $1.29 or 22c per serve
  • Tomato paste was 79c or 13c per serve
  • Bacon is $4.99 for the pack and we used 40%, or 33c per serve
  • Add 20c per serve for seasoning
  • The avocado was two for $1.38 and we shared one, or 35c per serve
  • The labne adds 20c per serve.

This is one of those recipes that are not only simple, but very tasty for $3.49 per serve.

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