Apr 11: Eggs Benedict; Frozen Indian


Part of our NAB tradition since Foodie Philip’s first trip in 1998, has been a breakfast at the Peppermill restaurant. The first opportunity we had was on our last day, on the way out of town.

Sadly, this is no longer the restaurant we’ve been visiting for 21 years. They have lost the ability to accurately predict table turns (giving an estimate half the reality), to dramatically smaller proportions, and have an obsequious manager who could not really give a damn.

Clearly there has been a change in management and the new owners are nowhere near as competent. We won’t boycott the Peppermill, but we will no longer be seeking it out during an NAB trip.

Breakfast for three cost $52.18 with a smaller-than-average tip and tax, or $17.40 per serve.


After the drive home no-one felt like cooking so we each had a frozen Indian dinner from Trader Joe’s. Foodie Philip had the Chicken Tika Masala, while Foodie Greg had the Paneer Tikka Masala. The meals were $3.49 each.

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