Apr 25: Popeye’s Fried Chicken; Flat Iron Steak with Slow Cooked Broccolini


Since it’s been almost a month, and Foodie Philip was driving nearby, so we decided to have Popeye’s Fried Chicken.

  • A 9 piece special was $12.99 and we had two piece each, or $2.89 per serve
  • The red beans and rice is $3.99 or $2.00 per serve.

An enjoyable lunch for $4.89 per serve.


We ordered some Flat Iron steak as an extra in our meat box this month. We sous vidé them before searing to give color. We served with slow cooked broccolini, which was a departure from broccoli.

  • Two were $24.30 but at 9oz were too small to split, so we had one each for $12.15 per serve
  • The broccolini was $2.75 or $1.38 per serve
  • The shallot was 18c or 9c per serve
  • The feta was $6.49 but we used ¼ or 82c per serve.

While we have enjoyed long cooked broccoli in the past, the broccolini went tough and became inedible. The steak had a very strong “beefy” taste that we enjoyed and it was reasonably tender. A good meal for $14.44 per serve.

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