May 18: Ham & Avocado Panini Roll; Lavender Lamb Loin Chops with Farro Tabouleh


A rather cold day, and yet we didn’t feel like toasted sandwiches, so we finished some panini rolls and stuffed with avocado and ham. The addition of the garlic spread really completed the flavor profile.

  • The par baked panini roll is 55c
  • The avocado cost $4.29 for five and we shared one or 43c per serve
  • The turkey is $3.49 and we shared ⅓ or 58c per serve.

The roll is a nice variation on a sandwich for $1.56 per serve.


Tonight we tried a dry rub on our Lamb Loin Chops with Lavender, Rosemary and Garlic. These were left for an hour or so, then grilled to medium rare. While resting we grilled a halved blood orange to squeeze over the chops at the table.

We served with Farro Tabouleh, although weft out the parsley.

  • Lamb Loin Chops were $14.71 or $7.37 per serve
  • The Blood Oranges were $2.29 for six and we shared one, or 19c per serve
  • Add 20c for Lavender and garlic with Rosemary coming from our bush
  • The farro was $1.79 for the pack, but we shared ⅓ or 10c per serve
  • Tomatoes were $3.49 for five but we shared one, or 35c per serve
  • Mint came from our garden.

While the lavender isn’t a bad pairing, we felt it didn’t enhance the flavor of the Loin Chops, but otherwise an excellent meal for $8.21 per serve.

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