Jun 2: Skewers Naan Bread Sandwich; Pork Sirloin with Baked Apple and Stir-fried Green Beans


Because it was Sunday we treated ourselves to Naan Break Sandwiches from Skewers Halal. These start with a great Naan bread split, then stuffed with Beef Koobideh/Falafel and simple salad slathered in an excellent garlic yogurt sauce.

With tax and tip is works out at around $10.00 per very generous serve.


We had a pork sirloin in our meat box this month so we sous vidé it and then fried it off in the wok to give it color. The same wok was used to stir-fry some green beans with fish and soy sauces. These were plated with a baked Granny Smith apple.

  • The pork sirloin was about $10.00 and we served about 4/5 putting aside the rest for a sandwich or roll later, or $4.00 per serve
  • Organic Granny Smith apples were $1.51 or 76c per serve
  • Organic green beans were $1.29, or 65c per serve
  • Add 20c for fish and soy sauces per serve.

The pork was perfectly medium, although we felt it could have been served a little less cooked, and paired exceptionally well with the apple and beans for $5.61 per serve.

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