Jun 7: Cheddar & Tomato Sandwich; Hot smoke Cod with Endive and Pickled Onion on Black Rice


Back to basic sandwiches today, but with great cheddar and a good kumato, the basics can still taste very good.

  • Trader Joe’s Multigrain Bread is $2.99 for 18 slices or 33c per serve
  • Five Kumato were $3.49 and we shared one, or 35c per serve
  • The Old Crock cheddar was $5.45 or $1.02 per serve
  • Add 20c for garlic spread.

Classics are classic for a reason: when done well they are great. This one was a great sandwich for $1.90 per serve.


For Fishy Friday this week we hot smoked some defrosted cod, chopped some endive topped with pickled onion, and served on a bed of black rice.

  • The cod fillets were six for $12.99 or $2.17 per serve
  • The endive were three for $2.89 and we used one each, or 97c per serve
  • Pickled onion adds 10c per serve
  • Black rice adds 44c per serve.

The cod took up a good amount of smoke flavor during cooking, which contrasted nicely with the somewhat bitter endive. In turn that bitterness was balanced by the pickled onion to create a well rounded dish for $3.68 per serve.

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