Jul 21: Lamb Yeros; New York Strip Steak and Béarnaise Sauce with Australian Inspired Salad


The excellent Yelp reviews, and availability of a Lamb Yeros, led to the Foodies buying two Lamb Yeros from New York Chicken and Gyro. They were excellent for $7.67 per serve with tax.


When we were thinking of what to pair with the New York Strip Steak we discovered we still had sufficient ingredients to reproduce the Australian inspired salad of a couple of nights ago.

  • The NY Strip Steak was $20.18 or $10.09 per serve
  • Béarnaise sauce was $3.29 and we used ¼ or 42c per serve
  • Spinach was $1.49 or 38c per serve
  • The cherry tomatoes were $2.99 and we used half or 75c per serve
  • Pickled beets in vinaigrette are $1.69, of which we used about ⅓ or 28c per serve
  • The cheddar was $4.41 or $1.10 per serve.

A flavorsome steak and a good salad is hard to turn down, for $13.02 per serve.

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