Aug 12: The Country Deli; Heuvos Rancheros Quesadilla


Errands had us in the vicinity of The Country Deli at lunch time so we stopped in an had our “usuals”: Marinated Skirt Steak for Foodie Philip; Pastrami on Rye for Foodie Greg, although we take home leftovers of this sandwich.

Lunch, with tax and tip, was typical for a lunch here, at $22.68 per serve.


For Meatless Monday we interpreted Heuvos Rancheros as a Quesadilla, with Refried Black Beans, Swiss Cheese (which is completely wrong but if it’s the only cheese you have…), and Fried Egg on top.

  • The Flour and Corn Tortillas were $2.29 for 12 but we shared 2 or 19c per serve
  • Two Pastured Eggs are $1.02 per serve, although Foodie Greg had only one, for an average of 77c per serve
  • Refried beans are 25c per serve
  • Swiss slices are 12 for $3.99 or 67c per serve
  • Add 40c for Salas
  • Add 40c for butter for the eggs.

A decent meatless meal where the Pastured Eggs are the highlight, both visually and in flavor, for $2.68 per serve.

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