Sep 14: Roast Beef & Home Fries; de Curtis


At Lunch we were at the RAI Convention Center. The great thing about the RAI is that there are many food choices varying from good to great, and today we discovered the Holland, which is an upscale cafeteria.

We both had the beef, which was a slow roast, like a Prime Rib, but a different cut. Both the beef and home fries were excellent for €19.95, or US$22.35 per serve. It’s todays featured image.


Tonight we returned to de Curtis where we had an excellent meal last year. Foodie Greg had the Pasta of the day, while Foodie Philip had the Nut Crusted Lamb Loin Chops.

Foodie Greg had the Lamb Chops last year, and undersold them because he didn’t want Foodie Philip, with his Truffled Steak, to be jealous. Good call!

Both dishes were excellent. We both concluded that the Loin Chops were the best we’ve ever had, and the pasta was as good as we’ve had in much more expensive restaurants.

An excellent meal for €41.00 or US$22.96 per serve.

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