Sep 23: Paté, Cheeses, Cottage Bread; De Kas


Today was “clean out the refrigerator” day as it was our last day in Amsterdam. We finished the last bits of several things for about $3.00 per serve.


We had booked at Restaurant De Kas about five weeks ahead of this trip, and tonight – a Monday – was the only night during our stay that there was an available table! We enjoyed a really great lunch there last year, and were keen to go back for an evening meal.

De Kas features a five (or six) course Tasting Menu, but before we started, we had some amazing crackers and three Amuse Bouche!

Although there was some very good bread, the mustard tapioca crackers and an amazing creamy smooth celery dip were the star.
A surprisingly fresh spring roll with creamy dip.
Pickled grapes were new to the Foodies, but were a pleasant surprise.
Baby turnips with a slightly curry flavored sauce.

Even before the main meal started, we were blown away with the depth of flavor.

De Kas grows all their own vegetables, and the dishes are vegetable focused, with only one course served with a protein: duck.

Roasted and fresh beets on a bed of black garlic puree with a Dashi Beurre Blanc sauce. For the Foodies probably the best dish of the night.
Pumpkin with a Piccalilli Sauce
Peach over a fresh Basil Cream sauce and green beans.
A tiny amount of perfectly cooked Duck, Crispy Chicken Skin and apricot an intense reduction

There was also a very nice yogurt with salted caramel sauce topped with an excellent crumble for desert that wasn’t photographed, but was enjoyed!

While an expensive meal at €57.00, US$63.84, per serve, but not if you consider the quality and dedication that went into every bite. The Foodies spent as much again on the wine pairing (and a Gin and Tonic) for a truly great meal in an amazing setting.

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