Sep 24: Airport Sandwich; Airline Lunch(es); Chili on Toast


Today was a travel day as the Foodies returned from Amsterdam, making it a very, very long day, so I included Breakfast although we ate it at close to midday at Amsterdam Bakery within the secure zone of Schiphol Airport where we shared a Sausage Roll and each had a sandwich: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Egg Salad on Brown for Foodie Philip and a Ham, Lettuce and Tomato for Foodie Greg.

The Sausage Roll was okay, but the sandwiches were very tasty and filling for an average of €8.65 or US$9.69.


Lunch was a choice of Chicken in BBQ Sauce or a Cheesy Pasta dish on the flight back. Neither meal was particularly memorable where the salad was the highlight, but included in the flight.

Second Lunch was served in the 12 hour flight, at about lunch time Los Angeles. It was an uninspiring “pizza” that Foodie Philip declined (as he’d tasted “pizza” on a return flight before!).


Back home for dinner the Foodies had their shopping trip foiled when he car wouldn’t start due to a weak battery! We fell back on Canned Chili on Toast with a little topping of Sour Cream. Quite a come down from the excellent food we’ve been having, but it was better than not eating.

As it turns out, it was okay for about $1.35 per serve.

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