Nov 29: Ham, Kumato & Swiss; Clam Chowder


A cold day dictated a return to toasted sandwiches, so we sliced off some Ham, added sliced Kumato, and topped with Swiss Cheese and toasted until the cheese was melting.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 66c per serve
  • We shared half a serve of Ham or 28c per serve
  • Swiss slices are 12 for $3.99 or 34c per serve
  • Add 40c for Garlic Spread and Butter.

A great sandwich for $1.68 per serve.


For dinner we defrosted our Clam Chowder and reheated it. Unfortunately the freezing and reheating caused the remaining potato to break down, which dominated the flavor.

The Clam Chowder is $2.98 per serve.

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