Nov 28: French Onion Soup; Baked Ham and Choucroute


We defrosted and reheated some of the French Onion Soup for $3.63 per serve.


As our Thanksgiving was postponed until Saturday, we baked a Ham and served it with the remaining Choucroute.

This time we abandoned Alton Brown’s two step recipe as we were not glazing the ham, and followed the instructions on the packet!

  • The Ham was $17.72 for 10 lbs, but assuming 2 lb is bone, that’s 16 generous eight ounce serves, or $1.11 per serve
  • The Choucroute is $2.20 per serve.

This was one of the most tender Baked Hams we’ve had, leading us to believe the two step cooking was lightly over cooking the ham. Another warming meal for $3.11 per serve.

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