Dec 5: Popeye’s Fried Chicken; Split Pea Soup with Baked Ham


Foodie Philip was driving near a Popeye’s at lunch time, so we picked up some Fried Chicken with Red Beans & Rice.

  • Each piece of Chicken was $1.50 with tax, and we had five piece in total, or $3.75 per serve
  • The Red Beans and Rice was $2.20 with tax.

It’s a guilty pleasure for $5.95 per serve.


Since we had recently added a new Ham Bone to the freezer, we pulled out the oldest and made Ham Stock from it, as the basis of our Split Pea Soup. We diced the remaining half serve of ham into the soup.

The recipe makes six serves.

  • The Ham is $1.11 per serve, and we shared half, or 28c per serve
  • The stock has no real cost
  • The pack of split peas was $1.59 or 27c per serve
  • The frozen peas is 99c a pack, or 16c per serve
  • Add 10c for Worcestershire Sauce.

As always this soup is kicked up a notch or two with a dash of liquid smoke, which amplifies the ‘hamminess,’ one pound of frozen peas blended in at the end, which adds a fresh edge, and a generous dash of Worcestershire Sauce for a little acid. A great soup for 81c per serve.

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