Jan 15: Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Frittata; Eggplant, Beef and Zitti Casserole


For lunch we finished the Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Frittata from last night, for $2.81 per serve.


Tonight we returned to an old favorite, Eggplant, sausage and ziti casserol, from a hybrid of recipes. The basic inspiration is from an Emeril recipe from Food Network. When we’ve cooked this in the past we found the recipe to have too much oil, so we grill the eggplant.

Instead of Emeril’s meat sauce we used the remaining Bolognese sauce. The b├ęchamel sauce was made with half-n-half.

  • The meat sauce was $4.31 each for two remaining serves, but we will get four, or $2.16 per serve.f
  • Onion works out at 10c per serve
  • Carrot is 17c per serve
  • Celery is 11c per serve
  • A pint of half & half is $1.49 and half is used in the b├ęchamel, or 19c per serve
  • The eggplant cost $1.35 or 48c per serve.

Dinner tonight cost us $3.21 per serve and we have another meal to come. It was perhaps a little meat light, but otherwise very tasty and enjoyable.

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