Jan 16: BBQ Chicken & Tomato on Fresh Baguette; Frogmore Stew


A lunch trip to Jon’s always gets us a BBQ Chicken, a fresh Baguette and a Tomato – usually a heritage breed, but today a regular tomato.

  • The Chickenwas $5.99, and a Breast is $1.50 or 75c per serve
  • The Baguette id $2.79 or 70c per serve
  • Tomato was $1.16 and we used half, or 29c per serve
  • Add 30c for Garlic Spread.

Jon’s do a great BBQ Chicken, and with the Tomato and Baguette this is a great sandwich for $2.14 per serve.


A return to a Winter favorite: Frogmore Stew. Think southern boil with shrimp, corn, etc, but where the stewing liquid is turned into a sauce.

  • Leaks cost $2.99 or 75c per serve
  • The can of diced tomatoes cost $1.49 or 38c per serve
  • The fish stock was $3.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • A cup of white wine is about 80c or 20c per serve
  • Potatoes add 30c per serve
  • The corn cost $3.49 or 88c per serve
  • Chicken andouille sausage cost $3.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • 1 lb of shrimp is $10.99,  or $2.75 per serve
  • Other ingredients add another 25c per serve
  • We served with the remaining Baguette for 70c per serve.

The recipe serves four (at least). We keep the shrimp out of the soupy mix until each meal, cooking only enough for that meal to prevent the shrimp over-cooking when reheating. An excellent meal for $8.21 per serve.

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