Mar 13: Sweet & Spicy Tuna with Sprouts; Truxton’s American Bistro


Lunch today was a Sweet & Spicy Tuna with Sprouts Sandwich.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 77c per serve
  • Sweet & Spicy Tuna is 99c per serve
  • Sprouts add 30c per serve
  • Garlic Spread adds 50c per serve.

A decent sandwich for $2.56 per serve.


Tonight we had to meet one of our nieces and friend downtown LA and convey the friend to LAX, with a meal at Truxton’s American Bistro on the way. Truxton’s was new to us, but will be our go to place near LAX in the future.

The Foodies had Poke Rice Bowls that they both thought were excellent for $24.24 per serve with tax and tip.

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