Apr 2: BBQ Chicken, Kumato & Garlic Spread on Fresh Baguette; Heritage Pork Chop with Apple Endive Salad


An essential shopping trip took us to Jon’s market where we always pick up a Baguette and Roast Chicken. Fortunately both were available this trip. Along with a Kumato and some Garlic Spread this is a great sandwich.

  • The Baguette is $2.99 and we shared half for lunch, or 75c per serve
  • The Chicken is $6.99 and we shared ¼ or 88c per serve
  • Five Kumato were $3.49 and we had one each, or 70c per serve
  • Add 50c for Garlic Spread.

As always, simple, but great ingredients make a great sandwich for $2.83 per serve.


Our Keller Crafted Meat Box last month included two 10oz, bone-in Heritage Pork Chops, which we sous vidé to a perfect medium rare, then fried off in Butter for a little crust. The Heritage Pork has a lot more fat marbling the meat.

  • The Pork Chops were about $9.70 per serve
  • The endive were $1.49 or 75c per serve
  • The Apple was 48c or 24c peer serve
  • Add 30c for dressing ingredients.

We’ve had this salad before, but always left out the Honey from the dressing recipe in the past. As we had some unfiltered Honey we decided to follow the recipe, added the Honey and it was a definite improvement to an already good salad.

We probably cannot rave enough about tonight’s Pork Chops. The Pork from Keller Crafted is usually pretty good, but tonight Chops were exceptional. They were well marbled with fat, which melted perfectly in the sous vidé process. The quick Butter fry gave us a little tasty crust and a hint of butter.

The Salad was the perfect, sharp balance to counter the fat, culminating in one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time. Definitely the best Pork ever, for $10.99 per serve.

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