Apr 18: Baked Ham, Sauerkraut & Swiss on a Brioche Bagel; Duck Breast with Bok Choy and Yakisoba Noodles


Since we still had Ham, Sauerkraut, Swiss and Bagels we repeated our “Ham Ruben.”

  • The Brioche Bagels are $2.89 for five, or 58c per serve
  • Swiss adds 34c per serve
  • We shared a half serve of our Ham, or 32c per serve
  • The Artisanal Kraut is $3.29 per packet and we used about ⅛, or 21c per serve
  • Five Kumato were $3.49 and we had one each, or 70c per serve
  • Add 40c for Garlic Spread.

Definitely not a Bagel you’d find in a Jewish Deli, but a good sandwich for $1.85 per serve.


Tonight we returned to the souse vidé Duck Breast that is then seared to crispen the fat. With the rendered Duck Fat we cooked some Bok Choy and served on a bed of Yakisoba Noddles.

  • The Duck was $13.75 or $6.88 per serve
  • The noodles are $3.19 for the pack, or $1.60 per serve
  • The Bok Choy was $2.99 or $1.50 per serve
  • Add 30c for Butter.

As always, the Duck is perfectly cooked, and the sides a great balance. An excellent meal for $10.28 per serve.

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