Jun 13: Bacon & Coleslaw; Beer Bratwurst and Mock “German Potato Salad” with Cauliflower


We over purchased Coleslaw from Mr Fish & Chips, so we had it on sandwiches with Bacon.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 74c per serve
  • Bacon was $4.99 and we used four of 10 slices, or 50c per serve
  • The Coleslaw was $3.85 with tax and tip, or $1.92 per serve
  • Add 20c for Neufchatel.

This sandwich worked very well for $3.36 per serve.


We returned to the Beer Bratwurst, because we preferred the flavor. Served with a Mock German Potato Salad made with steamed Cauliflower and Sauerkraut.

  • Beer Bratwurst were $4.49 or $2.25 per serve
  • The Artisanal Kraut is $3.29 per packet and we used about ⅛, or 21c per serve
  • The Cauliflower was $3.49 and we shared half, or 87c per server
  • Bacon was $4.99 and we used three of 10 slices, or 75c per serve
  • Onion and Seasoning add 45c per serve.

While the Potato version of this Salad is excellent, we were underwhelmed by the Cauliflower version. Still, a good meal for $4.53 per serve.

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