Jul 24: Fish & Chips; Avocado, Mango, Shrimp Salad


Since Mr Fish and Chips is right near a regular shopping destination, it was the source of lunch today. We get a single serve of Fish and Chips and share, along with extra Coleslaw.

All up we spent $14.47, but $3.00 of that is for Coleslaw we used in a different meal. Mr Fish and Chips (Simi Valley) is excellent value as our meal was $5.73 per serve.


Continuing our Fishy Friday we had sous vidé Argentinean Shrimp, which we chopped and added to cubed Avocado and Mango to make an excellent salad.

  • 1 lb of shrimp is $10.99,  or $2.75 per serve.
  • A Mango was 45c or 23c per serve
  • An Avocado was 49c and we had one each
  • Add 20c for dressing ingredients.

Thanks to some excellent pricing at Aldi on Avocado and Mango, this was an excellent meal for only $3.67 per serve.

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