Oct 29: Fried Scallops & Fries with Coleslaw; Skirt Steak, Home Fries, Vegetables and Eggs


A nearby shopping trip put us near Mr Fish & Chips. We stuck with the Fried Scallops, Fries and Coleslaw and ordered extra Coleslaw. This is a meal for one that we shared, making it $5.19 with tax and tip.


The Country Deli is on our roster of “take out meals that will survive the trip home” and it was time to order the Rumanian Skirt Steak Dinner. The Foodies divided the over generous portion of Home Fries, while Foodie Greg enjoyed the fried Vegetables, and Foodie Philip enjoyed three Pastured Eggs.

It’s kind of a hack to The Country Deli meal, but it’s a good meal, and substitutes for the brunches we can’t currently have. The Shared Deli meal was $15.72 per serve with tax and tip, while three Pastured Eggs adds $1.26, or an average of $16.35 per serve.

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