Dec 12: Prime Rib, Tabouli & Ah jus; Pork Tenderloin, Mushrooms and Red Wine with Brown Rice and Peas


We shared the remaining Prime Rib- sliced and reheated in Bone Broth to make an Ah Jus – in a hot Panini Roll.

  • The Beef was $4.06 per serve
  • The Panini Roll is 63c per serve
  • The Beef Bone Broth is 99c per serve
  • Add 30c for other flavorings.

An excellent roll, for $5.98 per serve.


We returned to a favorite: Pork Tenderloin and Mushrooms in Red Wine, also known as Drunken Pork. This made three generous serves.

  • The pork was $8.99 or $3.00 per serve
  • Red wine adds 50c or 17c per serve
  • Canned Tomatoes are 99c, or 33c per serve
  • Add 30c for the other ingredients
  • Brown rice adds 33c per serve
  • Frozen peas are $1.29 per pack and we used half, or 33c per serve.

We both enjoyed this tonight, for $4.46 per serve.

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