Dec 13: Neufchatel Cheese, Smoked Trout; Rack of Lamb with Grapefruit, Mint and Pomegranate Salad


We tried an experiment today, toasting a Neufchatel and Smoked Trout – along with Capers and Shallot – Sandwich.

  • The Aldi Bread is 53c per serve
  • We shared a $3.49 can of Smoked Trout, or $1.75 per serve
  • Capers and Shallots add 30c per serve.

This worked extremely well, creating a new flavor profile that we both really enjoyed, for $2.58 per serve.


While the Aldi Salmon was disappointing, their irregular Rack of Lamb special is outstanding quality and very reasonably priced. We split the Rack into two meals of two bones each.

We’ve decided that sous vide is the best cooking method to get an even cook at exactly the temperature (doneness) that you want, followed by a quick sear for appearances and to render a little of the fat.

  • For $22.13 we got 2.25 lbs of Rack of Lamb that we split into four 9oz (approx) serves for $5.53 per serve
  • We shared a 99c Pomegranate for 50c per serve
  • We shared a $1.29 Grapefruit for 65c per serve
  • Mint came from our garden.

These Australian Rack of Lamb are exceptionally good quality and value. The tartness of the Pomegranate and sourness of the Grapefruit are a perfect balance to the fat on the Lamb. An excellent meal for $6.68 per serve.

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