Jan 4: Apple & Smoked Cheddar, Neufchatel & Tuna; Vegetarian Biryani


Today’s shared sandwiches are Apple & Smoked Cheddar on one, and Neufchatel, Capers, Shallot & Sweet & Spicy Tuna on the other.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 74c per serve
  • Smoked Cheddar is 34c per serve
  • Neufchatel is 10c per serve
  • Apple adds 20c per serve
  • Tuna packet is 50c per serve
  • Add 10c for Capers & Shallot.

Decent sandwiches for $1.98 per serve.


Tonight we had Vegetarian Biryani from Trader Joe’s for $2.69 per serve. It had a lot of flavor and a non-heat spiciness that was appealing.

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