Jan 26: Chorizo, Bell Pepper & Smokey Cheddar; Baked Ham, Baked Beans and Fried Eggs


We repeated the Chorizo, Bell Pepper & Smokey Cheddar toasted sandwich for $3.77 per serve.


Taking advantage of our abundant leftovers, we fried a Ham Steak, heated some of the remaining Boston Baked Beans, topped with two Fried Eggs and served with fried Cherry Kumatos.

  • The Ham is about 10c per serve
  • The Boston Baked Beans are $2.83 per serve, but we had a small serve for $1.55 per serve
  • Two Pastured Eggs are 96c per serve
  • The Cherry Kumato are 28c per serve.

An excellent meal for $2.89 per serve.

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