Feb 18: Scallops, Fries & Coleslaw; Romanian Skirt Steak with Home Fries, Vegetables and Eggs


A routine trip to Simi Valley for supplies, leaves us at Mr Fish & Chips for Scallops, Fries and Coleslaw, that survives the 12 minute trip home very well, for $5.19 per serve with tax and tip.


The Country Deli’supplied tonight’s “prepared out of the house” meal and we once again ‘hacked’ their Romanian Skirt Steak Dinner Meal. While intended for one, this makes a generous meal for two. We split the meat evenly. Foodie Greg got the Vegetable side, while Foodie Philip got the Home Fries and three home-added Fried Eggs. With tax, tip and Eggs it was $16.65 per serve.

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