Feb 17: Popeyes Fried Chicken; Mussels in White Wine Sauce with Baguette Rounds


We’ve avoided Popeyes for the last year as there are no nearby drive through outlets, and going into a store is unnecessary exposure in the days of Covid19, but today we were in Moorepark on our way back so we picked up Popeyes from the drive through outlet there.

The total of $21.43 with tax, included 12 pieces and a Large Red Beans and rice.

  • We split the $4.89 of the Red Beans and Rice at this meal for $2.45 per serve
  • We will get four serves from the chicken at $4.13 per serve.

Tasty take-out and welcome return for $6.58 per serve.


While we usually cook Mussels in a Coconut Curry Sauce, it’s way more traditional to prepare them in a White Wine Sauce. Since that was the base flavor of the packed Mussels we amped up the flavor in the sauce.

  • Mussels are $2.29 for the pack, or $1.15 per serve
  • We used 80c worth of ingredients in the Sauce, or 40c per serve
  • The remaining Baguette was 40c per serve.

A classic is usually a classic for a reason, and Mussels in White Wine is a delight. We found the Mussels had more broken shells and other degradation than the slightly smaller “natural” Mussels. Still a great meal for $1.95 per serve.

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