Feb 28: Kedgeree with Garlic Naan; Rack of Lamb with Baked Sweet Potato


We reheated the remaining Kedgeree and served with a Garlic Naan.

  • The Garlic Naan is $1.00 per serve
  • The Kedgeree adds $1.25 as we didn’t have any Cod left!

A filling and tasty lunch for $2.25 per serve.


It was once again time for sous vide Rack of Lamb, served with what we thought was a Japanese Sweet Potato, but turned out to be something else!

  • For $22.13 we got 2.25 lbs of Rack of Lamb that we split into four 9oz (approx) serves for $5.53 per serve
  • At $2.61 for over a pound of Sweet Potato, we ended up leaving some, for $1.30 per serve.
  • Add 30c for Butter and Seasoning.

The “Japanese” Sweet Potato was even less sweet than expected, and took the Everything Bagel seasoning well. A good meal for $7.13 per serve.

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