Mar 5: Brioche Bagel, Neufchatel & Semi-dried Tomato; Barramundi with Coleslaw and Halloumi Fries


We topped a Bagel with Neufchatel and Semi-dried Tomatoes.

  • The Brioche Bagel is 58c
  • The Neufchatel ads 20c per serve
  • The sun dried tomatoes were $5.99 and we shared about 1/6 or 25c per serve.

A pretty tasty bite for $1.03 per serve.


Tonight’s Fishy Friday was Grilled Barramundi with Coleslaw and Halloumi Fries. We were very curious about the Halloumi Fries, but it turns out they are just sticks of Halloumi! Color us skeptical at this point.

  • The Barramundi was on special for $7.99 or $4.00 per serve
  • The Coleslaw Mix was $1.99 and we used half, or 50c per serve
  • We made our own Dressing from Mayonnaise and Apple Cider Vinegar for 40c per serve
  • The Halloumi Fries were $3.29 or $1.65 per serve.

The Halloumi Fries worked really well, to our surprise. Overall, a very good meal for $6.65 per serve.

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