Mar 6: Egg in a Bagel with Ham & Tomato; Sous Vide Duck Breast with Black Lentils and Orange Sauce


We increased the size of the hole in our Brioche Bagels, and filled with an Egg. Topped with Sliced Ham & Kumato for a scrumptious lunch.

  • The Bagel is 58c per serve
  • Medium Pastured Eggs are 33c each or 66c per serve
  • Black Forest Ham is $3.29 per pack, or 66c per serve
  • Kumato adds 30c per serve.

The Medium Egg is a perfect fit and great value. Today’s lunch was $2.20 per serve.


Once again we Sous Vide our Duck Breasts, this time in an Orange and Garlic marinade, which we used as the foundation of the sauce.

  • The Duck was $16.84 or $8.42
  • Oranges were free thanks to a gift from a friend
  • The Steamed Lentils were $3.29, or 83c per serve (also reheated in the Sous Vide machine)
  • We shared a $1.29 Grapefruit for 65c per serve
  • Toasted Almonds add 28c per serve
  • Add 35c for the Greens in the Salad
  • Add 30c for Butter and other Sauce Ingredients.

One of the more expensive meals of recent times, but very, very good. The Orange Sauce was mixed into the Lentils, which soaked it up to great effect. An excellent meal for $10.83 per serve.

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