Mar 7: Heuvos Rancheros; Turkey, Bacon, Chipotle Meatloaf with Mashed Potato, Turkey Gravy and Sugar Snap Peas


For lunch we purchased Heuvos Rancheros from La Fiesta for $10.54 per serve, with tax and tip.


After not having it for some time, we’re repeating the Turkey, Bacon, Chipotle Meatloaf with commercial Mashed Potatoes, Turkey Gravy and Sugar Snap peas.

Although we forgot the Breadcrumbs and Egg, this was still a great texture.

  • Ground turkey cost $3.59 or 90c per serve
  • Bacon adds 60c per serve
  • A can of chipotle is $1.50 and we used half, or 38c per serve
  • Add 65c for onion, breadcrumbs and seasonings
  • The gravy was $1.69 or 40c per serve (we used it all)
  • The Bob Evans Mashed Potato was $2.95 and we used ⅓, or 49c per serve
  • Sugar Snap Peas add 44c per serve.

Even without Breadcrumbs and Egg the Meatloaf still had a light texture and held together well. A good meal for $3.86 per serve.

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