Apr 8: Panini Roll with Apple & Delice de Bourgogne; Cambodian Hot and Sour Beef Salad


We’re really enjoying the Delice de Bourgogne (Trader Joes) and Apple combo, today in a hot Panini Roll.

  • The Panini Roll is 63c
  • The Delice de Bourgogne was $5.38 and we shared ½, or $1.35 per serve
  • Apple adds 20c per serve.

We even got to eat this very tasty, and $2.18 meal, outside in the sun.


Thursday night’s ‘Steak Night’ is a return to the Cambodian Hot and Sour Beef Salad, as it’s been a while since we last had it.

  • The NY Strip was $16.07 for two steaks, or $4.02 per serve
  • Limes were 49c for two but we shared one, or 13c per serve
  • Mint was from our garden
  • Lettuce adds 60c per serve
  • Spring Onions we grow
  • The Bell Pepper was 64c or 32c per serve
  • Instead of a Chili we used some Sweet Chili Sauce, which adds 20c per serve
  • Add 30c for Fish Sauce and other ingredients.

This is a flavor sensation. No wonder it’s a favorite for $5.57 per serve.

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