Apr 16: Smoked Salmon Bagel; Pinto Bean and Andouille Sausage Stew


Today it was time for Smoked Salmon, Neufchatel, Kumato & Onion Sprouts on a Brioche Bagel.

  • The Brioche Bagel is 58c
  • The Smoked Salmon pieces were $1.38 per serve
  • Add 20c for Neufchatel
  • Add 40c for Sprouts and Capers
  • Add 30c for Tomatoes.

A very tasty and indulgent sandwich for $2.86 per serve.


We have had Pinto beans soaking overnight and today Foodie Greg turned them into a Pinto Bean and Andouille Sausage Stew.

  • The pinto beans were $1.19 or 15c per serve
  • The pepper was $1.12 or 14c per serve
  • The fire roasted tomatoes were $1.29 or 16c per serve
  • The bacon was $7.99 but we used ⅜ or 38c per serve
  • The sausage was $8.99 or $1.25 per serve
  • Add 35c per serve for Onion spices and seasoning
  • Add 30c for Greek Yoghurt.

It’s more of a chili than a stew, but it was very tasty for $2.73 per serve.

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