Jun 6: Ramen with Butter Soy; Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Guacamole


We boiled up the Shin Ramen in it’s spicy broth as usual, then dumped the broth and finished with a Butter Soy dressing.

  • A pack of four Shin Noodle Bowl was $3.69 or 93c per serve
  • Butter adds 40c per serve
  • Add 20c for Soy Sauce (although it came from leftover packages).

There was enough of the spice from the broth left to give the resulting meal a little spicy interest. A good lunch for $1.53 per serve.


The Foodies were socializing late in the afternoon and partially filled on snacks, so we swapped Meatless Monday to Sunday and had Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Guacamole.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 37c per slice
  • Pastured Eggs are 38c each or 76c per serve
  • Guacamole is 55c per serve
  • Add 30c for the Garlic Crunch.

A very tasty, and quick, meal for $1.98 per serve.

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