Jun 23: Soutzoukakia in a Panini Roll; Roast Duck Leg on Roast Potatoes with Grapefruit Salad


We reheated half the remaining Soutzoukakia along with a couple of Panini Rolls, which we smeared with a mix of the liquid from the Preserved Lemons and Yoghurt, along with some token lettuce.

  • The Soutzoukakia is $3.23 per full serve, or 81c per lunch serve
  • The Panini Roll is 63c
  • Add 50c for the Lemon & Yoghurt mix
  • Add 10c for Lettuce.

An excellent sandwich for $2.04 per serve.


This is our second try at roasting a Duck Leg over Potatoes, which we overcooked last time. We paid a lot more attention tonight, checking it regularly.

Almost done
  • The Duck Legs were $12.49, or $6.25 per serve
  • A Medley of Potatoes was $2.39, and we used about ⅓, or 46c per serve
  • The Pomegranate Seeds were $6.79 and we shared 1/4, or 85c per serve
  • The Grapefruit was $3.24 or $1.62 per serve
  • Rosemary came from our garden
  • Add 30c for Shallot and other ingredients.

We nailed the cooking this time and it was an excellent meal for $9.48 per serve.

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