Jul 2: Smoked Salmon Pizza


For lunch we cooked up some Shin Ramen in the spicy broth, along with some fresh vegetables. We discarded the broth and finished with butter and serving with the reheated Caramelized Pork.

  • A pack of four Shin Noodle Bowl was $3.69 or 93c per serve
  • Butter adds 40c per serve
  • Add 20c for Soy Sauce (although it came from leftover packages)
  • Add 45c for Bok Choy & Bell Pepper
  • The Caramelized Pork is $1.90 per serve.

A nice change for lunch, & a good meal for $3.88 per serve.


Once again it was time for Smoked Salmon Pizza done on the grill, and who are we to buck tradition!

  • Sockeye Smoked Salmon pieces were $5.49 or $2.75 per serve
  • The Pizza Dough was $1.29, or 65c per serve
  • We used semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes for 60c per serve
  • About two ounces of Neufchatel went on each Pizza, or 25c per serve
  • Add 30c for Capers and Shallot
  • Add 40c for dressed Greens.

Foodie Philip overcooked the dough a little tonight, but otherwise very luxurious meal for $4.96 per serve.

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