Aug 14: Cuban-style Roast Pork with Cuban Black Bean Salad


We continue to prove Skewers’ Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is our favorite meal for $8.75 per serve, with a shared Fries.


A welcome return to Cuban-Style Roast Pork with Mojo Sauce, tonight with a Black Bean Salad. We will get four serves from the Pork, and two from the Sauce and Salad.

  • The Pork Butt was around $9.88 after all discounts, or $2.47 per serve
  • Limes were 56c or 28c per serve
  • Grapefruit was $1.29 or 65c per serve
  • Black Beans were $2.45 and we shared ΒΌ, or 15c per serve
  • Add 40c for other ingredients for the Beans

Unfortunately our Orange went moldy before we could use it, so tonight’s Mojo Sauce was a little sharper than it would normally be, but still a great meal for $3.95 per serve.

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