Oct 27: Beer Bratwurst with Apple Endive Salad


We augmented our Shin Ramen with a dry Coleslaw Mix, drained and stirred through some butter.

  • A pack of four Shin Noodle Bowl was $3.69 or 93c per serve
  • Coleslaw Mix adds 30c per serve
  • Butter adds 34c per serve.

Tasty and filling for $1.57 per serve.


A return to a regular: Beer Bratwurst with Apple Endive Slaw.

  • Beer Bratwurst were $4.49 or $2.25 per serve
  • The Endive were $1.49 or 75c per serve
  • The Apple was 48c or 24c peer serve
  • Add 30c for dressing ingredients.

A simple but good meal for $3.54 per serve.

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