Oct 31: Red Wine and Mushroom Meatloaf with Baked Sweet Potato


We cooked a Specially Selected – Eggplant & Grana Padano Cheese flatbread from Aldi for $4.19, or $2.10 per serve.


It was time for the Red Wine and Mushroom Meatloaf we enjoy so much. Tonight we baked a Japanese Sweet Potato and topped with grated Cheddar and Sour Cream with Chives. We expect to get six serves from this Meatloaf.

  • The grass fed Ground Beef was from Aldi for $5.49 per pound, or 92c per serve
  • Baby Bella mushrooms were $1.99 or 34c per serve
  • Onions and garlic add 5c per serve
  • Two medium eggs are 64c or 11c per serve
  • The butter is $3.99 per block, and we used about 3/8 for four serves, or 25c per serve
  • Red wine adds $1.00 or 13c per serve
  • Add 10c for Worcestershire sauce and other spices per serve
  • The Murasaki Sweet Potato was $3.99 for 10, or 40c per serve
  • The Sour Cream was $2.99 and we used a tiny amount, or about 15c per serve
  • Add 25c for Cheddar and Chives.

The Murasaki Sweet Potato is not as sweet as the classic orange Sweet Potato serve in the USA, and it pairs very well with the Sour Cream. A very tasty, and filling, meal for $2.70 per serve.

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