Dec 8: Sous Vide Bone-in Rib Eye, with Béarnaise Sauce, Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms and Tabouli


We had a Chorizo, Bell Pepper and Gouda sandwich served in a French Roll.

  • The French Roll is 48c per serve
  • Smokey Cheddar is 34c per serve
  • The Chorizo was $4.72 and we used half, or $1.18 per serve
  • Fire Roasted Peppers cost $1.99 and we used half, or 50c per serve.

We butterflied the French Roll and added the topping before melting the cheese under the grill and folding over for the sandwich. Pretty tasty for $2.50.


As is traditional for Foodie Philip’s birthday, we sous vidé a bone-in Rib Eye steak to a perfect medium rare, then seared it for one minute per side in a very hot pan, before slicing and serving over Béarnaise Sauce with Garlic Butter Roast Mushrooms and Tabouli.

  • The Bone-in Rib Eye was around 1.5 lbs, or a very generous 12oz per serve, for $14.62 per serve
  • Mushrooms were $2.69 or $1.35 each
  • Butter adds 50c per serve
  • The Tabouli is $2.99 and we served half, or 72c per serve
  • The Béarnaise sauce was $3.29 and we used about ⅓, or 55c per serve.

The Rib Eye was an excellent piece of meat (from Whole Foods), that was extremely tender and had a definite and flavorsome “beefy” taste.

The Rib Eye mid sear.

Not the cheapest of meals, although great value compared with the same meal in a steakhouse, for $17.74 per serve.

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